The Sigmas
Alliance Profile
Appears in multiple seasons
Members AIexWillett (S4 & S6) 3rd/3rd

RoyaIIe (S5) Winner
AubreyBrooks (S2 & S5) Winner/5th
JennPotter (S5) 3rd
BlairVersace (S3 & S4) 12th/4th
BlairNo5 (S4) 16th
Xbaezub (S1 & S4) 14th/15th
Taco_Sauce408 (S3) 11th
iiiZephyr (S4 & S6) Winner / Winner
Dr_Peyton (S5 & S6) 6th/Unknown
Mxstelle (S2 & S4) 4th/10th
bIuhe (S5) 9th
Jpbuff (S5) 4th
Vxriety (S3) 7th

Defectors AIexWillett 3rd/3rd
JennPotter 3rd
AubreyBrooks Winner/5th
Dr_Peyton 6th/Unknown
Taco_Sauce14 11th

The Sigmas is an alliance that first appeared in Big Brother 4. They have also appeared in Big Brother 5 and Big Brother 6. In each of their appearances they have been driving forces of the game, either succeeding (BB5) and winning the game in the end, or failing just short of the end (BB4). Ever since their appearance in BB5, the Sigmas have dissolved and are no longer together, marking their end.

Big Brother 3 Edit

The only Sigmas that had a real impact this season were BlairVersacexTheFutureMindx and Taco_Sauce. Taco, however, betrayed and blindsided BlairV pre-jury by a vote of 8-1, with LkaWong being the only vote to save BlairV. Taco was evicted in 11th place, and Future was evicted in 9th place and the third member of the Jury.

Big Brother 4 Edit

The Sigmas this season were very intriguing alliance. They won competitions and dominated the competition overall. Despite one of their members being evicted first, and another being the second member of the Jury, the others carried on. Alex and BlairV continued on. With Ajabs in power multiple weeks and deadset on taking out the Sigmas, they didn't survive very long. After winning Jury comebacks, Alex was set on getting Ajabs evicted, so her and BlairV fought hard. In the end, BlairV was sent packing in 4th place, and Ajabs subsequently won the 'Final HOH', and evicted Alex from the game, finally ridding the Sigmas from the house.

Big Brother 5 Edit

This season, The Sigmas were the ultimate driving force of the season. They were competition prowesses. RoyaIIe, AubreyBrooks, JennPotter, and Dr_Peyton were the Sigmas of this season. Peyton secretly conspired against the Sigmas, while Roy and Jenn conspired against Aubrey. The Sigmas won multiple competitions, however, after a while one of the affiliates of the Sigmas, bluhe, was blindsided and evicted. This caused major dismay in the alliance, and Peyton took a shot with Jpbuff at finally striking the alliance down, however, the was blindsided and evicted after Jp sheepishly backdoored him in the final six. The following 'DOUBLE Eviction', Roy won HOH and decided to finally get rid of Aubrey, one of two returners. With Jp evicted in the final four by Jenn, Roy and Jenn were the last two Sigmas in the game. Vaull (surprisingly) won the 'Final HOH' and decided to evict Jenn. In the end, the Sigmas had their last laugh as they voted Roy to win - loyal or disloyal - and Roy won the game, a victory for the Sigmas.

Animosity Edit

Ever sine BB5 conclusion, the Sigmas have been at each others' throats. BlairVersace has many enemies, such as Alex and Jenn, and they no longer are friends or work together.

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