The Roblox Brigade
Alliance Profile
Members ZebraGames (S1 & AS) Winner/Unknown

Mike1856 (S1 & AS) 3rd/Unknown
Hizoku (S1, S4 & AS) 6th/7th/16th

HoH Wins 3 (Weeks 1, 7 & 12)
Veto Wins 4 (Weeks 9*, 11 & 12)
Lowest Placing Member Hizoku (6/16)
Highest Placing Member ZebraGames (1/16)

Stacked Deck (The Official Name) was an alliance consisting of Mike1856, Toastua, and ZebraGames in Big Brother 1. The alliance was formed in the final 8 as it was to target beigeputa and LanaKL. In a special double veto competition, Toastua and ZebraGAMES both won the POV, saving 2 nominees from eviction, forcing both beigeputa and LanaKL to go up as the replacements. It was a double eviction, so in a 3-1-0 vote, they sent beigeputa and LanaKL packing. The alliance did not last long though, as Toastua walked on the next week, but Mike1856 and ZebraGAMES went on to go to the final 3, and one of their alliance members, Zebra, went on to win the whole thing.