The Rat Alliance
Alliance Profile
Big Brother 3
Members lkaWong
Defectors lkaWong

The Rat Alliance is an alliance that first appeared in Big Brother 3

Big Brother 3 Edit

The alliance first took a hit from the instant eviction in the beginning that caused Jacksonmeehanstone's eviction, leaving the Alliance's first casualty of their own. But lkaWong won that HOH and was dethroned later on. Their first casualty was when they began to target QerqJeremy beforehand for being a threat as being a veteran, and having a plan to work with the other side. Then false rumors that came from xTheFutureMindx and DaVonneR0gers, led xTheFutureMindx and lkaWong to blindside TbhAidan, and they also lost a number. With lkaWong being a Backdoor target on the block the following week, lkaWong campaigned and led to the alliance causing the second Blindside of the season, blindsiding AlexCabn17 by a vote of 6-4. Then the Rat alliance started targetting the last veteran remaining for being guilty by association and got DaVonneR0gers voted out. Then some feud in the house caused future to evict BlairVersace by a vote of 8-1, with lkaWong being the one vote saving Blair. After jury started, loverofcats joined with her sister steph. Later MidBus was going to target revampedpants for being a mole and giving information from the other side of the house, to the Rat alliance. But revampedpants was immune from the HOH advantage competiton, and MidBus was forced to choose Biscuit as his replacement, blindsiding biscuit. Midbus continued to target revamp by winning comps to force revamp to leave the house. Then when MidBus reigned in his power with his alliance, he won HOH once again and backdoored lkaWong, leaving the alliance crumbled. At her last plea, Future campaigned to stay, because she was in trouble, by exposing alliances and plans, but that didn't work in her favor as she was evicted following the POV. Then in the jury comebacks, lkaWong narrowly beat future, and returned to the house. Shortly after, anarky revealed it was an INSTANT double eviction, causing lka to work as hard, but couldn't win power. He was put on the block alongside Yoshi, and campaigned and narrowly stayed. His time in the house didn't last as long as he was backdoored once more and voted out in a tiebreaker by his mortal enemy, Boston. After lka and Yoshi's departure, the only alliance members left were the sisters and Morgan. While Not Being Seen As A Threat, the house started to realize numbers were getting smaller, so they decided to split up the sisters and put them alongside eachother on the block. Then lover plead to steph that she had more chances of winning the game, so lover left 3-0. Steph's chances of winning all failed when she was instantly evicted over floater Morgan and Boston. The last alliance member remaining was Morgan, and she knew she was in danger, so she laid low for the rest of the season. Bas made it to the final 3 along with MidBus and Hermes, and lost both comps, and was ultimately evicted for having the votes in jury.