Returning Houseguests
Big Brother Twists
Description A player returning from a past season/seasons to have another shot at winning the game.
Appearance(s) All, minus BB1

Returning Houseguests is a recurring twist in Big Brother AR$. It involves a player from a past season (or seasons) returning for another shot to win the game.

List of Returning Houseguests

Candidates Houseguest Original Season Second Season Third Season
AiexWillett BB4


BB6 (3rd) BBAS (7th)
AshleyKelsey BB5 (8th) BBR (TBA) -
AubreyBrooks BB2 (1st) BB5 (5th) -
Beigeputa BB1 (8th) BB6 (11th) BBAS (1st)
Biscuit_junk BB3 (11th) BBR (TBA) -
BlairVersace BB3 (12th) BB4 (4th) BBAS (3rd)
CheyenneFloyd BB1 (5th) BBAS (11th) -
Chuckcaesar BB1 (13th) BB2 (2nd) BBAS (15th)
Coolboytaye BB6 (15th) BBR (TBA) -
DaniDazzle BB8 (20th) BBR (TBA) -
DavonneR0gers BB1 (9th) BB3 (13th) BBAS (8th)
Deke143 BB5 (11th) BB8 (TBA) -
R_gime BB5 (6th) BB6 (5th) BBAS (2nd)
FinaI BB2 (8th) BB4 (5th) -
FudgeAKeya BB5 (15th) BB8 (TBA) -
Garman2399 BB6 (16th) BBR (TBA) -
GreenPotatoez BB6 (7th) BBR (TBA) -
Idolite BB6 (6th) BBR (TBA) -
IkaWong BB3 (7th) BBR (TBA) -
IIIZephyr BB4 (1st) BB6 (1st) -
IJulywoozy BB6 (10th) BBAS (5th) -
ImaginativeInventor BB2 (9th) BB4 (14th) -
Jacksonmeehanstone BB3 (17th) BBR (TBA) -
JennPotter BB5 (3rd) BBAS (6th) BB8 (TBA)
JennyJabs BB4 (2nd) BB8 (TBA) -
LanaKL BB1 (7th) BBR (TBA) -
Mickolimbo BB6 (12th) BB8 (TBA) -
MidbusTM BB3 (1st) BBAS (13th) -
Mike1856 BB1 (3rd) BBAS (9th) -
Moonious BB5 (9th) BBR (TBA) -
MorganWillett BB3 (3rd) BB8 (TBA) -
Mxstelle BB2 (4th) BB4 (10th) -
NaxoBaxo BB6 (2nd) BBAS (17th) -
P_ompeii BB1 (10th) BB5 (7th) -
Qergjeremy BB2 (3rd) BB3 (16th) -
Quincy809 BB4 (8th) BBR (TBA) -
Rosyyabyss BB2 (5th) BBR (TBA) -
Slaylah BB6 (8th) BBAS (4th) -
Soap73782 BB4 (11th) BBR (TBA) -
SonOfHermes11 BB3 (2nd) BBAS (12th) -
Toastua BB1 (6th) BB4 (7th) BBAS (16th)
Xbaezub BB1 (14th) BB4 (15th) -
xTheFutureMindx BB3 (9th) BB4 (13th) BBAS (14th)
Yoshi_1111 BB3 (8th) BBR (TBA) -
ZebraGAMES BB1 (1st) BBAS (6th) -


  • So far there are 36 two-time players.
    • There are 9 three-time players.

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