Project DNA
Twin twist
Big Brother Twists
Description Siblings that either know each another or not would play the game together.
Appearance(s) Big Brother 3
Big Brother 6
Project DNA

Project DNA (DNA being short for Do Not Assume) was the central twist of Big Brother 3 and would later be used on Big Brother 6. This twist involved one or two sets of siblings competing in the house together.

 Season 3Edit

  • Steph and Kat

Twin Twist - stephanrooks145 and loverofcats96 were identical twins and would be playing as Steph. If the two made it to week 5 without being discovered or evicted, they would both enter the game as individual houseguests.

 Season 6 Edit

  • Peyton and Colton

Siblings - Opposite of Big Brother 3, this season did not include the twin twist but instead featured the siblings twist. However, the siblings were not estranged and instead knew of the other's presence in the game.

  •  Siblings - WhisperingColton and Dr_Peyton entered the house knowing that they would be competing against one another, rather than being estranged.

Trivia Edit

  • WhisperingColton is the first houseguest to participate in this twist and not make the jury stage.

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