Bottom of the Totem
Alliance Profile
Big Brother 5
Members Dr_Peyton
Defectors Dr_Peyton
Lowest Placing Member P_ompeii (7/16)
Highest Placing Member VauIIkX (2/16)

Bottom of the Totem was an unsuccessful alliance in Big Brother 5 formed by Peyton And Pompeii. The two of them recruited Jp and Vaull in order to secretly oppose the Sigmas.

Big Brother 5 Edit

As soon as Pompeii debuted into Big Brother 5, Peyton and her began plotting. They decided to add Jp and Vaull into the alliance, and they began working against the Sigmas. After she entered, America nominated Blue and Aubrey after Jenn nominated Peyton and Vaull due to the Battle of the Block twist. After Peyton and Vaull won the BOTB, Jp won the POV, and under the alliances influence, saved Aubrey in order to backdoor a bigger target: Jenn. While Jenn was evicted, Blue requested all of her votes to be cast against him, therefore, Blue was evicted in a "unanimous" vote, with Jenn being safe from the backdoor. Pompeii was targeted for the next two weeks, and then evicted by Jenn's sole HOH vote in the backwards week. After this, the alliance crumbled. Jp backstabbed and evicted Peyton from the game after Peyton decided to work against Vaull, and Jp was then evicted by Jenn. Vaull, however, reached the finale, but didn't receive the votes to win. only receiving Pompeii's vote from the alliance.

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