• Ella77033

    hi my game in bb8 was obviouslyyyyyyy the greatest in arse history

    i coasted wich is tootally the best strategy of all time

    hahahaha now i'm gonna write a fuckingggggg essay about a big brother thing that involves blocks just so i cna increase my self esteem hahahahahaha

    die zeph i tootally aren't just jralous that you played the bst game ever hahahaha

    screw you hermes for being a bette-

    i mean shit runner up then me hahhaahha

    there's my essay

    i hope tht you think that my game was bettr then evry runner-up anf winner k thanks now go kys bye

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  • CapitalistMilkk

    As all of you know, I, Envious _Emo now known as CapitalistMilkk, was the runner-up of Big Brother Second Chance. After the close vote of 5-4 I was met with criticism from other previous contestants about how I didn't deserve 2nd place and how bad my gameplay was. To those people who claim I played a terrible game, I just want to say:

    "I beat you! I beat! I won, you lost I beat you, HAH! Bye girl!"

    That is unless you got 1st (Which is about 8 of you)

    Now let's start off with the fact that I first came into the house disliked by the houseguests and considered a nuisance, a pest, a rotten! I wasn't targeted by people but I was considered annoying and they all lusted for my eviction; waiting for the special day to happen. At first, this was an u…

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  • CosmicNamara

    So if you're not aware, Anarky was actually considering having me participate in BB6. He for some reason decided not to include me, like at all. His reasoning really makes no sense, considering 90% of the new cast have no idea what they're doing. Even some from the older gen, aka the coaches are literally playing the game horribly. So here's some reasons why I believe I should be included as either a mid-season late contestant or like right away as a houseguest. 

    • I'm pretty well known in the GS community. People have beef with me, especially some in the house, so I think I could bring drama.
    • There's literal cheaters in the house. Aka peyton who's been using alts to spy on the other houseguests. My mission would be to get the trashy players o…

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