This Is The BB Rulebook So That All Houseguests Know The Rules Of The Game.

Big Brother Rule Book or simply the House Rules is a handbook of rules and regulations created by Big Brother for his housemates during their stay in the house. It plays a major part of the show, though often overlooked. It can affect your stay inside the house once you violated one or more of the rules as each violation corresponds to a punishment.

Basic Rules

The following house rules are the most important rules in Big Brother house and it must be followed by the contestants all around the world. If someone violated these rules, one will face a punishment.

1. HouseGuests Are Not Allowed To Change Votes Once They Submit Them.

2. Inactivity And Not Showing Up For First 5 Evictions Will Result In Expelling.

3. HOH's Must Nominate The Amount Of Houseguests Per Season In Time Or There HOH Will Be Given To the Person Who Came The Closest Winning.

4. POV Winners Are NOT Allowed To Give There POV To Someone Before POV Ceremony.

5. Not Allowed To Give Your POV Spot To Someone Who Isn't In-Game.

6. Big Brother Has The Right To Implement Any Twist Throughout The Season Which Includes:

  • Secret POV
  • BOB
  • Roadkill
  • Double Eviction
  • Triple Eviction
  • DUO
  • Pandoras Box
  • Instant Eviction
  • MVP
  • Carepackage Voting

7. Houseguests That Break There Have-Not Punishment Can Receive 1 Of 3 Different Types of Punishments.

  • Penalty Vote: Receive Extra Vote When There Nominated.
  • Penalty Nom: Instantly A Nominee Come Eviction.
  • Penalty Bench: Forced To Sit Out Next HOH Competition.

8.Big Brother Has The Right To Not Do BuyBack Or Jury Comeback Competitions.

9. Big Brother Will Sometimes Do Carepackage/GoldenKey/Poll Votes Throughout Season At There Will.

10. HouseGuests Are Not Allowed To Have People Volunteer For Them In Competitions.

12. Jury Members Must Vote A Winner Regardless Of Hate.

13. Evicted Houseguests Votes/Alliances/Comp Wins Will Be Revealed On There Wiki Upon Eviction.

14. ALL HG Will Be Paid There Winnings At Finale.

Walking Rule Guidelines

Houseguest Wants To Walk If A HG Is having Issues With The Season And Can't Handle The Pressure Then They Can Opt To Walk From Season. They Will Be Given 1 Hour Before They Come To This Decision In Which They Can Change There Minds About Walking. After That Time-limit Is Up And They Still Wish To They Will Walk.

Walking Evictions If A Houseguest Walks BEFORE The Veto Competition Then HOH Will Put Up New Nominee. If A Houseguest Walks AFTER The Veto Then The Week Will Reset And A New HOH Will Begin And Previous HOH Can Compete.

Punishments Of Walking

  • Possibly Losing All Money Collected During Season (Circumstances Will Be Debated By Production In A 4 Person Vote.
  • Ineligible To Vote In The Jury And The Last Pre-Juror Or America Will Cast In That Persons Place.
  • Player Will Be Ineligible For Americas Favorite Player Prize/Award.
  • Walking COULD Affect Competing In A Future Season.

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