This Is The BB Rulebook So That All Houseguests Know The Rules Of The Game.

Big Brother Rule Book or simply the House Rules is a handbook of rules and regulations created by Big Brother for his housemates during their stay in the house. It plays a major part of the show, though often overlooked. It can affect your stay inside the house once you violated one or more of the rules as each violation corresponds to a punishment.

Basic Rules

The following house rules are the most important rules in Big Brother house and it must be followed by the contestants all around the world. If someone violated these rules, one will face a punishment.

  1. Votes are final! Once an eviction vote is submitted, it cannot be changed at any time, no matter what the circumstances are.
  2. Inactivity will result in expulsion from the Big Brother house and WILL affect your chances of competing in a future season if necessary! Not participating for the first five sessions will result in definitive expulsion.
  3. A Houseguest's Head of Household reign will be nullified if they fail to set the according amount of nomination within the time frame provided. If this is the case, the runner-up in the competition will crowned HOH. If there are multiple runners-up, a redo will take place between those involved in the runner-up spot.
  4. Power of Veto victories can NOT be given away to a fellow Houseguest, no matter what. If a Houseguest does not provide a decision on what to do with the POV, it will automatically be discarded.
  5. Houseguests are not allowed to sacrifice their spot in the Power of Veto Competition. Decisions made at the Veto Picking Ceremony are FINAL and cannot be changed.*
  6. Big Brother has the right to release the following twists into the game at will.
    • Secret Power of Veto - A Secret Veto will be hidden somewhere in the house, and whoever finds it gets to use that power within a certain timeframe.
    • Battle of the Block - Two Heads of Household will be crowned, and two sets of nominees will be selected. The nominee sets will compete in a competition to dethrone the HOH who nominated them, and thereby secure their safety for the week. The dethroned HOH CAN be renominated and CAN participate in the following HOH competition.
    • Double Eviction - After the initial eviction of the night, an HOH competition will follow, followed by nominations, POV, and another eviction. Another Houseguest WILL be evicted that night.
    • Triple Eviction - After the initial eviction of the night, an HOH competition will follow, followed by nominations, POV and another eviction. TWO more Houseguests will be evicted that night. Three nominees are chosen, and two people are chosen at random to play in the POV. At the eviction, Houseguests will vote to SAVE a nominee. The nominee with the most save votes will remain, while the other two will be evicted.
    • DUO - Each Houseguest will be paired with another player. The terms of this Duo twist will be disclosed during the session.
    • Pandora's Box - The Head of Household will go into their room and choose whether or not they want to open the Pandora's Box. If they do, it will unleash a new twist in the house. If they don't, nothing will happen.
    • Instant Eviction - Before an HOH competition, the Host will announce it is an INSTANT eviction. After this, there will be nominations, but NO Veto competition, and it will go straight to voting.
    • MVP - America will vote one player to be given the secret power to nominate one fellow Houseguest. If their nominee is vetoed, they must secretly name a replacement. HOH winner and Veto winner are immune.
    • Carepackage Voting - America will vote one player to receive a special advantage in the game. The terms of this Carepackage will be disclosed in the session prior to voting.
  7. Houseguests who break the terms of being a Have-Not will receive one of the following punishments.
    • Penalty Vote - If the Houseguest is a nominee, they will receive one extra vote against them come eviction night.
    • Penalty Nomination - If the Houseguest is not a nominee, they can be automatically nominated prior to the Veto competition, so they have a chance to save themself.
    • Penalty Bench - If the Houseguest is not a nominee, they can be benched from the next HOH competition.
      • Between the Penalty Nomination and Penalty Bench, the Houseguests will vote between the punishments.
  8. Big Brother has the right to abstain from a Jury comebacks competition or a pre-Jury BattleBack Competition/Showdown.
  9. Players are not allowed to select a volunteer to participate in a competition in place of them.
  10. Jury Members are required to vote for someone to win the season. Failure to do so will result in losing all winnings - ROBUX or otherwise - and WILL affect your chances to compete in another season.
  11. Evicted Houseguests' votes, competition statistics, and alliances/loyalties will be added to their Wikia Page upon eviction.**
  12. All Houseguests will receive their winnings after the season finale.***
  13. Houseguests lagging out competitions does not promote stalling the competition to wait for them.

*This excludes any game-changing twist that would allow someone to be replaced in the competition.

**Stats will NOT be added if the Houseguest has an opportunity to re-enter the house at a later time.

***Houseguests do not receive winnings if any of the rules pertaining to winnings are broken. ^See #10.

House/Competition Rules

  1. The BB House Will Be Shutdown Until 5 Minutes Before The Session Is To Begin To Prevent Any cheating Or Looking At The Competitions Before Hand
  2. Big Brother Is Not Responsible For Time Management Thats On Your Part
  3. Houseguests Are Not Allowed To Have Any Hacking/Exploiting Properties To Cheat In The Competition
  4. Houseguests Can Ask Production Personal Questions But The Responses Will Be Short And Simple Granted Explanation.
  5. Weekday Sessions Will Be After 5Edt Time And Between 1Edt-5edt On Weekends Depending On Production Consideration.
  6. Timed HOH Competition Will Now Dethrone The HOH If They Fail To Appear At Recorded Session Times.
  7. HOH/POV Competitions Sessions (Pre-Jury) Will Be on Different Days, When Jury Begins They MAY Transition To The Same Day Pending Production Decisions.
  8. All Houseguests Be Advised That You Have A 12 Hour Window To Inform Any Member Of Production If A Time Set Is Not Suited To You And a Reschedule Will Be Discussed Amongst Production.

Walking Rule Guidelines

Houseguest Wants To Walk If A HG Is having Issues With The Season And Can't Handle The Pressure Then They Can Opt To Walk From Season. They Will Be Given 1 Hour Before They Come To This Decision In Which They Can Change There Minds About Walking. After That Time-limit Is Up And They Still Wish To They Will Walk.

Walking Evictions If A Houseguest Walks BEFORE The Veto Competition Then HOH Will Put Up New Nominee. If A Houseguest Walks AFTER The Veto Then The Week Will Reset And A New HOH Will Begin And Previous HOH Can Compete. (If It's 8 HG's Or Less Then The Week Will Be Reset No Matter Who Walks)

Pre-HOH Walking In The Instance A HG Walks Before The HOH Begins Than The Previous HOH Will Be Allowed To Compete For The Upcoming HOH Due To Being Down A Player.

Punishments Of Walking

  • Possibly Losing All Money Collected During Season (Circumstances Will Be Debated By Production In A 4 Person Vote.
  • Ineligible To Vote In The Jury And The Last Pre-Juror Or America Will Cast In That Persons Place.
  • Player Will Be Ineligible For Americas Favorite Player Prize/Award.
  • Walking COULD Affect Competing In A Future Season.