AR$ Contestants Spend A Total Of 1-2 Months (Depending On Season) Battling For Robux And Mini Prizes While Also Making Allies, Betraying Best Friends, And Doing What Ever It Takes To Take Home The Big Prize At The End Of The Season.

Each Season The Contestants Must Follow And Adhere To A Strict Set Of Rules And Regulations While Competeing In The Season And When And If They Are Evicted, Expelled, Walking, In Jury, Or Members Of Roblox/Discord/Twitter And Other Social Media Accounts. RuleBook:

You Can Reach The Production Team If You Have Issues With Scheduling Conflicts By A Session Or If You Have Complaints/Opinions On The Season And If Something Seems To Be At A Disadvantage To You.


This is the full list of seasons of AR$ Big Brother so far.


  • ZebraGames is the first BB Long-term winner.
  • Meldyreiger is the first runner-up to lose a poll vote.
  • BB1 is the only season to feature an expulsion from the BB house.
  • BB2 features a vote for a returning player, the first and only of it's kind.
  • BB2 is the only season to feature America voting for the winner.
  • BB3 is the first season to feature more than one returnee.
  • BB3 featured an increased prize to 2k ROBUX.
  • BB3 is the first season to have 2 evictions on the same night.
  • BB4 is the first season to have a series for the season.
  • BB5 is the first season to feature pandoras box.
  • BB6 is the first season to feature 4 returnees playing as coaches.
  • BBAS is the first all returnees cast.
  • BB8 is the first season overall to feature a full triple eviction.
  • BB9 is the first season to feature temptation competitions.

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